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CNC Carved Dimensional Signs from The Austin Sign Factory is an excellent way to help your company stand out with extra dimension that is just not possible with traditional printed signs.   The old school way of making these signs is to sandblast redwood to create the carved appearance that you see in the sign examples below.   Today, instead of sandblasting, we take advantage of technology and use CNC equipment to precisely carve out these 3D signs.    With CNC technology you have a much wider selection of sign textures compared to the single texture of sandblasted signs.  Also, being an environmentally conscience company we no longer use redwood.    Today we only use high density urethane to build these signs which is far superior to redwood.   High density urethane is completely waterproof and unaffected by temperature or moisture.  Unlike redwood, high density urethane won't crack, split, or warp even under the most severe conditions.    These are the reasons high density urethane signs have an incredibly long-life span and are far superior to redwood at about the same cost.

GHF HDU sign_edited.png
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Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 2.53.52 AM.png


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